You need to breathe life into the office design to make it accomplished. Unique décor elements, special furniture and phytodesign arrangements are details that complete the look, fill it with specific allure, indue it with distinctiveness and behavior patterns. Let’s take furniture for instance. Office furniture should be selected very carefully. A proper one can do grace to the design and fill it with special allure, while the converse is also true – improperly selected and arranged, it can corrupt the look or make a neat premise look cumbersome and slovenly.

Apart from various convenience levels, durability and other usability features, furniture can be graded by a status level and a target audience. The furniture that is suitable for an executive will be completely mistaken in a middle-rank manager’s office.

Office furniture is generally divided into suite and single-piece types. Suite furniture enables considerable cost reductions, since it fits out a premise with all the things needed at one stroke. An office furniture box comprises the unified furniture items made of the same materials. 

The types of furniture are as follows: cabinet-type, knockdown / setup, multipurpose, built-in, space-saving, portable, folding, cushioned, solid, moulded, cast, etc. Besides, there are certain requirements imposed on each type of furniture that should be certainly taken into account. For instance, a standard height of a reception desk should be 110 cm (the level of human eyes) that allows the reception area employees to communicate comfortably with visitors and still keeps the working papers, computers and other office appliances hidden from prying eyes. 

Interior phytodesigning has been well-settled in various capital-city offices since recently. Phytodesign is the method of decorating premises using natural plants and flowers. Pertinent arrangements provide the employees and visitors with the infrequent opportunity to unite with nature and amplify the premise interior advisably as well. 

Artistic decoration - stained-glass windows, tapestries, forging, pictures, fountains, vases, etc. – shouldn’t be neglected when office interior design is created. These components crown the office look, as well as provide it with a specific status and mood. Pertinent and arranged decoration elements can say much about a company, convey the feeling of confidence and care to clients and employees, create the atmosphere of coziness and comfort. 

IND Office experts are sure that offices cannot and should not be faceless. The assembly of all office decoration elements can only create the individuality and special distinctness of a premise that will bring nothing but beneficial effects to a company.

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